Call for Papers

THE MEDITHEATRE FREE FOUNDATION is engaged in contributing to setting up the idea of active culture, according to the new possibilities which new technologies offer.

To increase communication, THE MEDITHEATRE FREE FOUNDATION is launching this call for proposal for texts and essays with the aim to publish the most interesting writings.

Please send an one page abstract and a short curriculum within the 15 October to enter the pre-selection. Selected Authors will be called by our Redaction.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Curriculum – pt. 30;
  • Innovation of the text – pt. 15;
  • Opening to new technologies and related way to think – pt. 15;
  • Opening to inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural approach – pt. 20;
  • Originality in style – pt. 20

There are not gender restrictions and all literary forms are admitted (essay, romance, poetry, storyboard by images, etc.). First three selected titles will be published as e-books within the collection Mercury of Meditheatre. Our Redaction is allowed to add proposal to further 7 high-quality texts.

Informations about THE MEDITHEATRE FREE FOUNDATION may be obtained through the link:

Important: please sent abstract and curriculum within the 15 October by email to indicating in the object “Call for papers MEM_1_EN”

The winners of the selection are published in




THE CALLED FROM THE SOUL, Bárbara Beatriz Fuentes Muñoz





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