Intglish: working on a nouvelle Koiné

Yes, we speak INTGLISH, I mean, International English (even: Internet English). I’m sure you know and practice it when you write an email, when you read on the net something somewhere in seats like a website or open system.

I don’t know if you like this or not, but this is not the point. What matters is that Intglish is the slang of the net, a new way to conceive and perceive the old English (otherwise well used by difference between UK and US expression). Intglish is English 3.0 or, even better, something completely new and different, who is searching for its poetry and magical foundation as nouvelle international and free language, whose most important and better rule is to allow people reciprocally understand and transmit information and emotions.

EUR/OPEN is totally active for improving Intglish and its literature. We like to host in our review poetry and literary expression in this free language. If you are interested to contribute with a poem or an article, please send to studio464 specifying in the object


the call is open to all, and can deal with any subject of study on Europe and the Mediterranean. You can participate with any form of thought. Are allowed to call:

In-depth articles;
Short essays;
Graphic designs and other forms;
Free expressions in language, with particular reference to the experiment INTGLISH

A special reference to Intglish is given by the poetry’s books published as issue of a former call:

the book of the Chilean writer Barbara Fuentez Munoz


the book of Egyptian writer Jaylan Salman

(see it at this address: )

classic references to Finnegans Wake and others hybridated narrative texts are welcome.


One thought on “INTGLISH”

  1. Dear Friends,

    please this letter will find you well.

    I wish let you know the new call for papers about our project. To re-launch the work on poetry we did already, the call poses your works as basis for a common reflection on this new open language.

    Also, the theme of WOMEN AWARENESS is very precious and need to be explored (see this article for a shared reflection).

    I hope you will enjoy this initiative.

    Best Regards,


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