The year 2013 should bring us two of the most spectacular comets imaginable – two! But . . .


Yeah, I said “maybe ”  and I mean it. I was so proud in November 1973  when my first article for Popular Science magazine appeared with this headline on the cover:

“Get Set for Comet Kohoutek – Sky Spectacular of the Century!”

Well, as you probably know, Comet Kohoutek was the sky dud of the century! So forgive me if this time around I remain just a tad skeptical – call it “cautious” – when it comes to  what could be, for Northern Hemisphere observers,  the two greatest comets of the century – Comet PanSTARRS in March, 2013 and Comet ISON in  December of 2013.

That said, I’m psyched! Comets are the most wondrous – and unpredictable – beasties in the heavenly menagerie. They are full of surprises, beauty, and awe…

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