The M Foundation

EOΣ is the way The M Foundation is engaged in transforming information (unilateral process) into communication (participative system), exploring social entrepreneurship for an open Europe (see the paper The M Foundation presented at the Cairo’s conference for details on its idea of tourism as initiatory experience).

[Italian Version]

The project’s architecture is conceived on four pillars:

• Open Sphere: common roots in history, art and heritage, to be applied to living cultural relationship.

• Virtual Space (internet technologies in open source);

• Housing: the physical location of  THE M FOUNDATION is in Naxos, Sicily, near the sea, where EOΣ owns a building to be restructured, where its Library is lodged (more details in the Italian version of the project – the English one may be requested by email to which is the perfect place were create exchange and relations.  This is also an open…

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